Travel on Local Trains in India?Make your life Digital with UTS

TjMan 15/Oct/2018 Technology
Travel on Local Trains in India?Make your life Digital with UTS

Are you that person who stand on station queue to book tickets for local train journey or monthly pass? Be smart and try the digital way.

Every one in India aware of IRCTC to book train ticket for long journey, but Do you know about UTS application? If no then this article is for you. So many apps are there on play store for various purpose, some of them are now daily part of our life like PayTm, BHIM, Zomato, Facebook,Amazon,Flipkart and others. UTS is also have the capability to claim the place in your life.

Lets know about UTS quickly, UTS app is used to book Indian railway tickets on unreserved categories. Simply means you can book tickets for local trains, month pass etc. This is now available through out India for most of the cities and suburban railway networks. Once you download and open the app for the first time you need to sign up by providing your id card number and OTP verification. This app have a wallet feature that you can recharge to start enjoying journey but avoiding queue and save your valuable time. You can book tickets for multiple person as well using this app.

This very useful app comes with some drawbacks as well. First warning if you think you are on-boarded into train and if checker come then you will book a ticket and show him, The crying fact is, it is not at all possible, this app uses GPS to locate you and will not allow you to book ticket inside the train or if you are 20m near to rail line. So book ticket when you are a bit far from station. Even this will not work on station. Second practical problem you may have is that you need to carry your phone always with you while traveling and make sure to have battery in it. This is the only issue you may not have with paper tickets.

App Link: UTS

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